Gamer Designed

Groove Grips were made to stop thumbs from slipping (TOTALLY ANNOYING) and providing more  comfort, control and confidence so all gamers could have more fun!

Time to level up!!!

The unique shape of our Groove Grips will increase your accuracy and speed to target. Be the first in your community to sport Groove Grips and let the games begin. 


The best part about Groove Grips is the design. Groove Grips is a patented design that cradles your thumbs.


Accuracy? How do Groove Grips increase accuracy? Your thumbs don't slip. The high and low surfaces allow for more precise movement.

The Right Fit

Groove Grips are designed to fit a user's thumb's shape and easily mount on your video game controller analog stick.


Groove Grips fit the following controllers: PlayStation: 4 / 5
Xbox: One / Series S / X
Nintendo: Wii Pro

Science behind the hand

Flexion of the the thumb is performed by two major muscles: flexor pollicis longus, that flexes the interphalangeal joint and the flexor pollicis brevis, that flexes the first metacarpophalangeal joint.  Thumb extension and abduction occur due to extensor and abductor pollicis longus, extensor and abductor pollicis brevis.  Opposition occurs due to the opponens pollicis while the abduction is performed by abductor pollicis.

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