The Analog Stick,
Imagined Differently

As gamers, we noticed the only option for crontroller grips were flat “mushroom” looking grips.  They didn’t really help.  So, we set out on an adventure to create the perfect grip, and after many years we were able to create a grip that cradled our thumbs just like a good pair of underwear cradles…better not say, you get it though.

“Groove Grips’ creativity, quality and contribution to the gaming industry’s legacy is what drives us in our quest for excellence.” – Todd borrel, Groove Grips Founder

Values that lead us


Think big

How can we improve the functionality of gaming controllers? There are many subtleties to the thought process of breaking a mold which everything kinda fit in at the current time. Groove Grips is one of those things that pushes through to the next level. Innovation is what pushes the creator of Groove Grips to look past the present and create the future through looking for what is needed to progress.


Follow the data

Knowing the problems, and finding the solutions led us to test many types of add-ons to controllers. However, thumb shape kept bubbling to the top.


Family, not clients

As a Groove Grips user, you have become a Groovy Gamer and you are now a part of the Groovy Gamer Family. Our Groovy Gamer community is a place to share, create, learn, and have lot’s of fun connecting with existing friends while making many new friends as well. We love to hear from our Groovy Gamers and want to use your feedback moving forward.


Always be learning

Always learning and improving is what drives us to be better and build better products. With each new learned skill or technology opens up more channels of creativity and possibilities.

See our ideas come to life

We Currently offer Groove Grips for PlayStation and Xbox controllers, with other platforms in development.

Let’s get creative

You have an idea that would enhance your playing experience, let us know.  We would love to hear from you.

Get your groove on.

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