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No. Groove Grips are actually pretty easy to apply to your controller when you follow the simple instructions included with your purchase. The key step is to soak your grips in lukewarm water in order to increase the flexibility. With increased
flexibility and a little water left on the grips as a slight lubricant, Groove Grips slide on fairly easy. Remember to gently apply downward pressure while turning the grip slowly back and forth until Groove Grip is Securely fastened on the underside of the analog stick. We have a demonstration video to further demonstrate the application process.

Groove Grips unique design and manufacturing process allow Groove Grips to fit your analog stick like a glove.

No. Groove Grips will not damage your controller as long as you follow the mounting instructions included with your purchase. You can also follow this link to the mounting instructions on our website. Provide link…

Removing Groove Grips is easy… Gently grab the grips on the side and pull out and up while fingers pry underside of grip. You can also follow this link to the mounting instructions on our website. Provide link…

The warm temperatures allow for more flexibility for a brief period of time. Once Groove Grips are mounted to the analog stick, they become firm again allowing the snug fit to remain for the duration of it being mounted.

Groove Grips have protuberances on the surface which act as traction points for the thumb. The center logo is also part of the Thumb Tread System allowing for maximum traction when the thumb is moving forward and backward in reference
to the grips face surface.

Groove Grips are 3D Printed and have support structures involved in this process.  Groove Grips slightly raised support scars are strategically placed in order to provide additional thumb tread in a location which definitely benefits this convenient inconvenience.

Yes it is!

Becoming a Groove Grips Affiliate is like becoming a retail store without any of the overhead of running a business. You get paid on every grip sold when your affiliate code is entered at the time of purchase.

Tell people about Groove Grips and Get Paid.
A. Sign up to become an affiliate and receive your code. Every time this code is entered for a Groove Grips purchase, you Get Paid.

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C. Go read a book or play a game and wait for the checks to come in.

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– Have access to a PayPal account.
Some minors choose to use their parents PayPal account with their parents consent.

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